The Kanga

Every Kanga tells a story.

The Kanga is a vibrant piece of material that usually consists of a central design (Mji) and a border (Pindo), and a Swahili proverb running along the bottom some of which are funny, others of which have an important moral lesson 😉 and one thing we love about the Kanga is that it’s very much a woman’s world – sometimes the Swahili proverbs seem to be telling the world what the women think – and in that way giving the women a voice.

Traditionally the Kanga is a piece of printed cotton, measuring 1.5m x 1m, but at Kenya Kanga Collection we support the local Kenyan industry by buying both ready printed Kangas as well as designing our own.

The Kenya Kanga workshop has provided an opportunity for women who were mostly unemployed or dependent on others, by providing them with skills, and consequently independence. These women now have a skill set that ensures a sustainable and dependable income, which in turn creates true independence. Many of the women working at Kenya Kanga have come from a place with not much hope to being a major bread winnerfor their extended families, which makes them hugely successful and inspirational. We feel honoured to have been part of their journey so far and onwards.

No one can have too many Kangas in their lives.